About Love Madison

LOVE Madison 2015 registration is now closed. 

Did you miss your chance to sign up for Love Madison 2015? Try arranging one of these ideas on your own instead.

  • Neighborhood Park Clean Up – Invite a neighboring family or group of friends to head to the nearest park with you. Bring gloves, trash bags and a picnic. Pick up trash and debris and then share a meal together.
  • Words of Encouragement – Create a note of encouragement (or pictures drawn by kids) specific to each family on your street. Leave the notes in their front door or deliver them in person.
  • Spring Cleaning – Offer to wash the exterior of your neighbor’s windows.
  • Donate Clothes – Challenge yourself to clean out your closet and bring clothes that are in good condition to Donation Station at Blackhawk to be distributed to individuals in need in our community (the Brader Way building will be open from 8am to 4pm on Sunday, May 3).
    Donation Station accepts men’s, women’s, children’s and baby clothes that are in good condition as well as non-perishable food items.

  • Lend a Helping Hand – Do you know someone who could use an extra helping hand? Offer your services for a whole or half day to do whatever they need most!
  • Visit a Pantry – Call the food pantry nearest you and ask what their most needed items are. Or, create your own list of non-perishable food items. Go shopping and be an encouraging presence to the pantry as you drop off the food.

What is LOVE Madison?
Each year, Blackhawk chooses one Sunday to cancel all of our worship services and send over 2,000 people outside the walls of our buildings, to serve the community in tangible ways. We want to offer our worship to God not only through Sunday gatherings, but also through the way we serve the people in our community. From organizing food pantries to pulling garlic mustard and cleaning up city streets, there’s something for everyone.

Have questions? Email lovemadison@blackhawkchurch.org.