When is LOVE Madison?
This year’s LOVE Madison is on Sunday, April 28, 2019.

What is LOVE Madison?
LOVE Madison is a practical way to live out our mission of building a community to reach a community. We want to connect with our neighbors and actively show people the love of Jesus through our actions! Throughout the year, people from Blackhawk Church are serving all over our community. But on this day, we want to serve our communities on a grander scale by engaging the entire Blackhawk Community in projects all over the Madison area.

What kinds of projects are available?
All sorts! From organizing food pantries to pulling garlic mustard and cleaning up city parks, there’s something for everyone. Project sites are located all over the greater Madison area. Check back soon to see a list of this year’s projects.

Why are some of the projects at for-profit businesses?
While we do work directly with many nonprofit organizations during LOVE Madison, we also build relational bridges and work with some for-profit companies and the city and Mayors office at times. We believe that good works, builds good will which leads to the good news. As we work alongside these organizations and companies, for the flourishing of our community we gain respect and openness to the gospel.

How do I register?
You can register online here beginning Sunday, March 31 through Sunday, April 21.

After I’ve registered what happens?
After registration closes, you will get an e-mail from the Project Captain with details on when to meet, where to park, what to bring, etc.

What about kids? Can we bring them along?
Depends. Each online project description lists the ages of those who are able to serve at any given site. The age requirements are from the organization and we will need to honor those requests. Check out the Family Friendly category for ideas. Kids can make a great addition to the serving team, provided the projects match their maturity and skills. As a Life Group, you may decide to designate someone to stay with very young children, so everyone else can be free to serve. There is no childcare available at Blackhawk Church.

My family/life group wants to serve together – can we sign up as one big group, or do we need to enter each person individually?
Great question! We need information about each person who participates. Please register each person individually.

What happens if the registration becomes full and I haven’t signed up my entire family/life group yet?
Unfortunately once a project is full, we are not able to accommodate any more volunteers for that project. We suggest signing up for a different project that strikes you as interesting and take the opportunity to get to know some new friendly faces!

If, while you are entering the names of your family, the registration closes, please email We can take you off the project you have currently signed up for and direct you towards a project that still needs to be filled.

Is this only for those who call Blackhawk Church home or can I invite my friends to come?
Anyone is welcome! We encourage you to invite neighbors, friends, and co-workers to join you in these community service projects. For an accurate count, please make sure they register online as well.

What happens if I have a family emergency and can’t make it?
In case of a family emergency, please contact your Project Captain.

What if there is bad weather on April 28?
If the weather is extremely unfriendly, (tornado, flash floods, or the like) expect to hear from your Project Captain or go for instructions. There is no rain date for Love Madison, so pray for good weather!

Are we on our own for lunch or will it be provided?
Because many of the volunteer shifts are between 9 am-12 pm and 1-4 pm, we encourage you to eat lunch before or after your shift. Lunch is not provided, unless your project captain tells you otherwise, based on site-specific plans.

Do we need to provide any tools or supplies for these projects?
It depends on the project. Your project captain will let you know if and/or what tools or supplies will be needed for your project.

I don’t have access to a car. Can I get a ride?
Please let your project captain know if you think transportation will be an issue. He or she will help you troubleshoot how to get to the site and back.

For any questions not answered here, please e-mail or call the church office at 608.828.4200.